About us

Who we are

Founded in Mexico in 1912, leading Latin American full-service law firm Basham, Ringe y Correa deliver first-class legal advice to the global public, including individuals, financial institutions and international clients from prominent corporations, many included on the Fortune 500 List.

We are a Mexican representative for the global alliance network of labour lawyers IUS Laboris,  www.iuslaboris.com , with a century of experience in all areas of domestic and international Employment Law, each case specifically tailored to our client’s needs. We reach out to the global law community which allows us to gain information from the world's leading law firms around the world. 

We are recognized in several national and international associations as a leading firm in the global law community. We are regular authors and contribute to global publications: "Getting The Deal Through", "Doing Business" and "Practical Law Company", among many others.

Our Values: Talent, Integrity, Dynamism

We remain among the leading law firms in our industry by committing ourselves to our clients and updating our knowledge on a regular basis to the highest professional standards.

Basham Foundation

We promote pro bono work which is the foundation of our firm. By being committed to our social community, we provide them with our service and legal advice and assist them on local projects. As a responsible business, our aim is to provide a sound legal structure and effective counseling for the benefit of our society.

We value: 

  • Professional ethics by committing and honouring the Mexican legal framework,
  • Quality and Professionalism for the development and growth of our firm via our pro bono work,
  • Efficiency, to maximise CSO resources to the social benefit
  • Commitment, to strengthen and institutionalise CSOs
  • Leadership to deliver true results in pro bono work

We are recognised and awarded as a leading firm in pro bono work in Mexico.